One of my very first clients who lost over 60 lbs during the ~8 months of training with me 3x a week. Somethings that aren’t noticeable is that Aman has also gained an immense amount of strength and even changed his entire life around to better his health – happiness just followed ☺️?

Invest in your health ➡️


This one is a few years of hard work. And the results are obvious, muscle mass gain and athleticism. It started with dragging him to the gym with me and eating non stop; he did want to get bigger! So I taught him the basics of exercise, form, programming, and how to have fun with fitness and how to make it a lifelong hobby.


12 weeks

To Didi,

Truth be told, in the 12 weeks of training you did amazing and & you have so much more potential to do great things both as an athlete and as a trainer! From an absolutely dedicated and motivated client you’ve showed us all that as a trainer now, you can now pass it down & help others too. So as long as you stay resilient as you always are, no setbacks will hold you down ??


Less than 30 sessions! If you want to gain weight it’s not just about adding calories. You have to be smart about it. There’s a lot that go into this called “bulking” or “lean bulk”. Trust me, there’s no need to get fat, create hormonal instability or stress only to cut the unnecessary fat anyway… Book your consult ✌️


Little less than a years worth of training smarter and eating (a lot) more. These pictures do not do justice. Her strength and abilities to perform the snatch, clean and jerk is just a few more things ticked off the bucket list. Still working!


3 weeks. 3x a week. 2 lb weight gain.

More food, smarter approach to fitness. I sent her off after to train on her own using my programming.


Less than 4 months

Tatra came to me in decent shape and some athletic abilities. We trained hard to really pull the athlete through, worked on correcting form and learning about diet, exercise and programs so that she can move on from personal training and become more independent ??


Definitely a project! About 8 months of some tough training, flexible dieting and posing practice to get on stage.


A years project.

From hours of cardio, low amounts of food and little weight training to MUCH MORE FOOD, minimal cardio and heavy lifting! Overall Bikini champ.


About 6 months

Training a few times a week, eating more and consistently and having fun with the flexible program.


All online, about 5 months of training:
Gained so much muscle & smashed plenty PR’s all while travelling abroad almost weekly.

PR update:
Bench: 280 from 260
Squat: 365 from 300
DL: 415 from 405


Less Than 2 months and only a few personal training sessions later. Again, more food, smarter training, no cardio.


1 year project

David definitely puts in the work and results show. We check in daily on macros, and we don’t train more than 4x a week. For the most part David can eat whatever he wants and still gets results. Just like most of my clients, they love it when I tell them to start eating a little more every week until your new, higher metabolism starts to burn body fat while the extra calories also make you more anabolic & gain muscle ✌️?

This isn’t the final form – There’s more to come



Eugene started training with me a couple years ago at about 3-4x a week in hopes of reducing bodyfat and gaining muscle. His goals were purely for aesthetics because of an upcoming competition for Fairchild TV. He had a great transformation and did absolutely amazing in the search for the next star! Eugene and his wife are now proud parents and will continue to train with me together to be a super fit fam ??‍?‍?


Again, more food, less cardio, smarter training! The pictures don’t do justice here neither – her gains in athleticism are unreal now!


Came to me from another coach, she was fatigued, in a fat loss plateau and unmotivated. I Implemented reverse dieting, reverse cardio and then a small cut. Simple few pounds fat loss!


4 myths and a few training sessions later – more than 30 lbs fat loss.


1 month, 10 sessions, 1 lb gain, increased food, no cardio, and taught her how to program training sessions herself P.s. Literally taught her to deadlift and then successfully snatch 65 lbs in 10 sessions.


All online, 4 months, no heavy lifting, just simple plyometric and flexible dieting approaches.


1 year

Cut 55 lbs, lean bulk up 20 lbs and all online.


Suffering from scoliosis she couldn’t bear her lower back pain anymore and decided to reach out to me. We worked on mobilty and strengthening the back Muscles and the other supporting muscles in hey pelvic floor, core, hips and glutes to allow her to live a pain free life ~ and a clear 5% body fat loss in 2 months.

7 of the 12 participants

All whom either lost 5% body fat or more than 10 lbs in a month. 3x a week training and a cleaner diet. No cardio.


One month 3x a week weight training, cleaner diet, little cardio.

Form fix in less than 5 minutes

Shoulder impingements, immobility, imbalances and pains? Freed up in 2 sessions.


21 days

10 lbs down

Only a few changes to my diet. Minimal cardio.