Thinking about an online coach?

If you’re thinking about it and not quite sure if it’s for you, here are some things to help you understand exactly what it is and how we’re going to work together.

First, online coaching is a more flexible approach to accomplishing your goals. You can train at anytime of the day, you don’t have to worry about being late to a personal training session and quite frankly you can avoid the one on one personal training costs entirely.

Second, the costs of working with me as your online coach is more affordable. You can get everything that I offer to my personal training clients at a fraction of the cost. I’ll be providing you with all of the information nessecary for your success such as lectures, exercise tutorials and Q&A Anytime for no extra cost.

Third, I make online coaching very personal and accessible. You can reach me at anytime via e-mail, cell or through social media. We may consult whenever and wherever is convenient for you. I don’t use the same program more than once. Everyone is different and so no one should be treated the same.


How it works is very simple:

I collect your information and then we devise a winning strategy based on your stats and schedule. Whether we conduct the consultation via Skype/zoom, phone call, email or text is up to you. We then keep in contact daily for accountability and review your health and fitness changes weekly. The daily check-ins ensure you’re on track, ridding of any doubts or guessing. During the weekly check-ins, we take a few things into consideration such as: body fat % lost, changes to appearance, current mood, health questionnaire, how the diet and exercise program is coming along and address anything new that may come up. The best part is that I will teach you why we are doing what we are doing, I won’t simply instruct you. The goal is to teach you and make you independent and competent.

Now, in order to start, you just have to fill out the information below and I’ll get in contact with you asap!

      • Workout program
      • Meal plan and coaching on nutrition
      • Carb cycling
      • Groceries list
      • Fat burning and muscle building routines (may be done together)
      • Supplement tips
      • Accountability, Q&A anytime