What should you expect from your first session from a personal trainer at The Markham Gym? (Demo)

Whether you’ve been through a personal training assessment or consultation before or not does not mean it will be the same as always. Here at The Markham Gym we like to do things a little differently. We know that everyone who walks through our doors is very unique and special and so we will treat you as such. There is no one size fits all when it comes to personal training and you should never feel like the consultation and first session feels scripted or cookie-cutter. In fact, it should be very customized and according to your needs, wants, goals and timeframe. It also matters about your health history, your previous experiences with training and even nutrition. Here are a few things to expect when undergoing your first session and consultation with personal training:


  1. Simply get to know each other, build trust with each other and chat about your goals and what YOU want and need
  2. We will then ask you a series of non-judgemental questions regarding your health, history of health and exercise, nutrition and daily activities of living. During this step we will also teach you as best as we can about fitness, health and nutrition.
  3. We will take your measurements and calculate a few things for you such as your heart rate, V02max, blood pressure, body fat percentage, bmi/bmr and weight/height to give us a baseline
  4. Afterwards, we will proceed with an assessment of your physical condition. If everything checks out and you’re good to go with a more comprehensive assessment, then we will carry on with a light warm up, loosen you up, activated and assess in more detail. During this step we like to assess your hip hinge, squat, push, pull, core and mobility.
  5. If you have made it through the assessment now and have the capacity to carry on with a small workout based around your goals and finish off with stretching – then we will do just that! So come prepared!

If you’re thinking about it and really want to get a hold of your goals, finish them in the safest and most efficient manner and in the fastest amount of time possible – just give us a try and don’t worry – your first session and consult is absolutely free!