The 5 Benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy in Markham (Demo)

Fascial stretch therapy takes more of a global approach and looks at the whole body versus just looking at individual muscles.

Here are five benefits to getting a stretch:


  1. Posture

Some of us suffer from poor posture and unfortunately this is an increasing issue in today’s modern world. Many of us are constantly using devices and sitting. When one is using their cellular device, a head-forward posture is created. This strains the back and neck while tightening the muscles in the front of your body. FST can help straighten you out as one of our therapists’ curates targeted stretches which relax your muscles.


  1. Joint Mobility

Joint mobility is a crucial component of healthy aging which should not be neglected. Since there is no blood flow through your joints, movement is key to being healthy. Lack of exercise, sitting a desk all day, poor posture, and so forth all adds up to joint compression. Thus, excessive joint compression can lead to a higher chance of joint degeneration.


  1. Pain Management

In fascial stretch therapy there is a technique called slow stretch wave which allows your therapist to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for rest and relaxation). Through these targeted stretches, tight muscles begin to lose their tension.


  1. Stress Relief

By using multi-planar and multi-joint stretches targeting the fascia, our therapist can create a calming effect for your nerves. Thus, relieving any tension build up and reducing your stress.


  1. Improved Sleep

Through the reduction of stress and pain, restful sleep is much more effectively achieved. Therefore, with the help of FST one can receive a much more delightful sleep. This will not only help you feel less tired, but is also better for your overall well being.


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